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Peak Oil Redefined

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Our government redefined "unemployment" to exclude those without jobs who have given up looking for a job.  The resulting number is smaller so
the government "looks better."  Likewise inflation and consumer prices have been redefined, among others.

"Oil" has been redefined as "Liquids."  Oil used to be the crude liquid that came bubbling or gushing or was pumped out of the ground.  If that
is the oil you think of when you say Peak Oil then Peak Oil happened about the end of 2005.

It is easier to deny peak oil using the government's replacement "liquids."  Here is the definition of liquids taken from the Department of Energy Information Agency publication "Energy Outlook - May 2007" as the footnote:

1  Petroleum and other liquid fuels include petroleum-derived fuels and
    non-petroleum-derived fuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel,
    coal-to-liquids, and gas-to-liquids. Petroleum coke, which is a solid,
    is included.  Also included are natural gas liquids, crude oil consumed
    as a fuel, and liquid hydrogen.

Converting human food to SUV fuel, solids, and gasses are all now lumped into liquids to make the number larger.  The biggest and most polluting inclusion is bitumen or "tar sands" or 'Oil sands" from Alberta, Canada.  This dirty dirt can yield some oil-like substance if you use a lot of Canada's natural gas to wash it out and then add hydrogen from more natural gas.

Including bitumen in oil, via liquids, adds several percent to the EIA numbers which allows some to argue that Peak Oil has not happened and might not happen for years.  Business as usual makes most of us poorer and poorer as crude oil availability continues to decline, post peak oil.

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