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The Energy Problem

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This blog is the start of two long and important threads: “The Problem” blog channel and the “SUS 101” series.

In “The Problem” blog channel we collectively share our understanding of what problem the Community is striving to solve – some aspect(s) of living in an unsustainable manner involving Peak Oil, Global Warming, Over-Population, and/or Resource Depletion. We are also sharing our expectations of the implications or consequences of this problem, and why action sooner is better than action later.  All the rest of the blogs are some part of the solution. You can see all the blogs and articles related to “The Problem” by entering “The Problem” as a keyword in the full search screen.

“SUS 101” is an introductory series in sustainability. The purpose of this website and online Community is to share our collective recommendations on practical actions each of us can potentially take to reduce our energy dependence. This series is a collection of introductory blogs and articles in each of the areas – the other blog channels. You can see this entire series by entering “SUS 101” as a keyword or by pressing the right sidebar menu item, “SUS 101.”

The reason Our Community focuses on becoming energy independent is because our solution is based primarily on using less fossil fuel while living in a more independent, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, as individuals (with the proper information and encouragement) we have a great deal of control over the amount of energy we use and no breakthrough technologies are needed for us to make a difference – a significant difference in our individual energy usage and a collective difference in helping to solve the world’s problems.

A great place to start understanding “The Problem” is to watch this five minute video by the Post Carbon Institute: “300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds” on YouTube.

Dan Gibson is the Reporter and Chief Coordinator of Our Energy Independence Community ( Previously he was a participating contractor in NYSERDA’s Home Performance program and a rater in the New York ENERGY STAR Home program. He is currently building a 100% Solar Home. He can be reached at


300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds

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