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Energy Conservation: Our Greatest Resource

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We are at the end of the age of abundant, cheap fossil fuels and are ill prepared for the future. We complain about rising energy costs rather than doing something about it. I lived through the Oil Crisis of 1973 and was amazed at how we Americans rose to the occasion, changed our views on energy consumption, and brought OPEC to its knees in just a few short years. We are approaching the 40 year anniversary of the Oil Crisis and need to prepare for the next.

America literally wastes more energy than it uses. In this presentation, I provide an overview of the problems we face and approaches we can take to address our energy future.  I will focus on energy conservation as I contend that this is the low hanging fruit, our best opportunity to address rising energy costs in the short term.

Dave Hauber, Physicist and businessman, delivers a graphic presentation with discussion on how we can and why we should use a lot less energy. He welcomes the opportunity to deliver this presentation to groups of 20 or more, here in the greater Capital Region. This presentation can fit a time slot as short as 45 minutes, but 60 or 90 is better. Contact Dave Hauber to schedule your presentation by email

Here Dave serialized his presentation for our readers: While this is good, the in-person version is way better!Fig 1b

Part 1: Overview of the Energy Problem and Opportunity

Part 2: The Cost of Energy Consumption: a Case for Conservation

Part 3: World and US Energy Consumption. The numbers are frightening...

Part 4: US Energy Consumption - where does all the energy go?

2 - car energy losesPart 5: A Look at How and How Much Energy We Waste

Part 6: A Closer Look at Transportation Energy Use and Waste

Part 7: A Closer Look at Residential Energy Use and Waste

Part 8: A Closer Look at Industrial Energy Use and Waste

Here is an 8 minute video that shows how for every kWh we don't use (conserve), we prevent the burning of 9 kWh of coal somewhere in the U.S.

Dave Hauber is Director of Technology at Automated Dynamics in Schenectady, NY.  He has over 40 years of experience in advanced materials, composites, textile R&D, control systems, robotics, lasers, ultrasonics, and industrial automation.  BS Physics and MA Business. He lives in Troy, NY. He can be reached through Member email or commenting here.

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