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An Energy Efficient Business

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Zeroenergy designed and installed the solar system and efficiency measures at Campbell Ave Storage. Please stop by and learn more about what can be done in your buiness or home - just in the planning stages or already existing!

About Us
Zeroenergy Building Inc. designs, manufactures, and builds commercial, industrial, institutional, office and residential structures through cost effective alternative/renewable energy and fuel-less power sources. First, we use the Zerothermic concepts to obtain the absolute minimum kW and btu use for buildings. These super insulated panels offer the highest resistance to cold or heat per inch. We enable customers to immediately reduce their energy costs by 75-90%, with the option of creating a completely self-sufficient building with Zero energy costs to the customer equaling 100% savings. We utilize the most prominent natural resources at the site to integrate the appropriate technology from a selection of over 100, some of which include Solar Photovoltaic systems, Small Hydro and Small Wind Systems, Wave Energy, Solar Hot Water Systems (Passive, hybrid and active), Radiant Heat, Geothermal Heating and Cooling systems, Temperature Differentiation to produce power, Change of State to produce cooling and heating, etc.

George keleshianGeorge Keleshian is the CEO of Zeroenergy Building Inc., and was the Vice President of Advance Energy during the seventies and eighties. On May 15th 1969 the first insulated 6-sided monolithic Zeroenergy building was completed. The low energy performance of the building was so impressive that in 1973 it was applied to Advance’s Corporate Headquarters; New York State’s first large Zeroenergy commercial building. In 1974, Advance Energy was fortunate to be called upon by the NYS Legislature to define, design, and manufacture the State’s own Zeroenergy solar heated experimental building. Also Advance Energy produced and designed the first solar hot water collector for General Electric (which was part of the National Science Foundation’s first project) and supported the installation of 165 solar collectors at Grover Cleveland High School in Dorchester Massachusetts. In the Northeast Advance was the leader in alternate energy buildings and solar products and set up over 50 wholesalers around the country to sell these products. George resigned to build One Energy and Zeroenergy Building Inc. creating joint ventures between multiple companies that can provide the best components in alternate and renewable energy to improve as a group on Zeroenergy building technologies.

Our Commitment
Zeroenergy Building Inc. is comprised of twenty-four American companies that specialize in alternate and renewable energy manufacturers, engineers, architects, scientists, energy consultants and innovators with over half a century of experience in the field. Our group was formed to improve on the Zeroenergy Building technologies and develop additional new energy and innovative environmental technologies to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families at home and at work. It is the goal of the group to bring forth these new, sustainable energies and environmentally sound technologies in order to reduce and replace within the next 10 to 20 years our dependency on all fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas and nuclear power), and internal combustion engines, and finally end global warming, enabling human kind to make a paradigm shift in the way we use our resources on earth.

P: 518-266-9462
C: 518-641-9058
E: DougW@EyeDezine.NET

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