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Century Solar Supply

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Century Solar Supply is a renewable energy distributor in Troy, New York. Century Solar Supply had a 46.9kW photovoltaic system installed on our property in November of 2011. The system is split between a roof mount installed on our warehouse roof and a dual axis tracker installed in the parking lot. The system supplies all our electricity usage through the summer months providing Century Solar Supply with a negative electricity bill from our utility provider during those months. Throughout the spring, fall, and winter we receive a decreased utility bill from our utility provider for the excess electricity supplied back onto the grid by the our system.

Please join us October 5th for a solar tour of our facility. You will be able to see first hand how our pole mounted dual axis tracker follows the sun throughout the day increasing the harvest of the suns rays throughout the year. We will also be demonstrating how a solar system is mounted onto a pitched asphalt shingled roof with our demo roof in our training room, which is also home to the five inverters connected to our the solar array installed on our roof. You will be able to see how easy it is to monitor solar electric production with the inverters and their online monitoring platform.

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