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Bethlehem Central Schools Environmental Programs

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Environment we live in

Recycling- All staff, students and community members in the Bethlehem Central School District are asked to recycle.  Each building in the district has been equipped with co-mingled recycling receptacles for collection of glass, plastic, metal. Cardboard is also collected by custodial staff and placed in the single stream dumpster.  Paper is recycled separately and generates income to expand the districts recycling program. The paper recycling program is a collaborative effort between the students and custodial staff.  Each school determines how the paper recycling is coordinated. This is how the program works at the middle school:

Each classroom and office has a blue paper recycling bucket which can accept virtually all types of paper.  During the Garbage we makemorning announcements on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students from each homeroom are asked to empty their blue paper recycling buckets into a large flip-top tote located in designated locations in the building. During the day, teams of students collect the totes and weigh the paper that was recycled that day.  Other students use the wheelable totes to collect paper from all non-homeroom classes and offices in the building (main office, copy rooms, library, etc.) This paper is also weighed and recorded. At the end of each month the amount of recycled paper is shared with the students during our morning broadcast, along with the environmental benefit of our recycling efforts (trees saved, water saved, pollution avoided, etc.)  Due to the increase in recycling we have been able to decrease the number of garbage dumpsters needed by the district.

Food we eatBCMS Organic Garden-   The BCMS Organic Garden is a school based learn and serve project. Garden club meets twice a week in the spring and fall, after school, during the growing season.  Students and community members also work during the summer to harvest and plant for a fall crop.  A variety of fruits and vegetables are cultivated for use in our school cafeteria, donated to food pantries, or sold at our local farmer's market. All proceed go back into the garden program. Large colorful display boards have been created to highlight the benefits of sustainable agriculture and the need to support local farmers.  Classes tour the garden in the spring to help students understand the food they eat. All staff members are encouraged to visit the garden during the school year. 

Solar Panels- The Bethlehem Central Middle School has a 2 KW solar Energy we usearray connected to our building and the energy produced by the panels goes toward our energy use.  A complete computer program highlighting how solar panels operate, real time energy production data and other renewable energy technology are available in the computer lab.  Three of the buildings in our district have been awarded Energy Star certification, including the middle school.


More information about our environmental programs can be seen here.

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