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Student Reporter: Alison Eberhardt

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Hello! My name is Alison Eberhardt, and I am honored to be a new Energy and Sustainability Student Reporter. This upcoming year, I will be a senior in Saratoga Springs High School. I hope to go to college for a degree in Architecture, preferably with a minor in Acoustics or Preservation. Someday, I hope my career as an architect will help average people afford to live in beautiful and green homes. Therefore, I will probably plan most of my writing around green architecture. I also have a passion for hiking and camping, so I might write about conservation. Some of my other hobbies include the High Peaks, playing viola and guitar, playing Quidditch, and writing.

I became interested in sustainability in my sophomore year, interestingly enough, in a Science Research class. I wanted to research something personal and helpful, but I couldn’t think of anything. One of my good friends in the class received an email about an information session at the new TEC-SMART facility. We both ended up dropping Science Research, and attending the information session. I was captivated at once by the building itself; in the dark, the lights no doubt powered by the three tall windmills illuminated the modern stone and metal interior. Someone had managed to make sustainability look beautiful, and it was then I knew that I wanted to pursue the field of sustainability.

Architecture, however, interested me from a very young age. I loved my Lego sets; spending endless hours in my room constructing Hogwarts or something else I imagined. The best part of the small plastic blocks was that the possibilities were unlimited, but yet still incorporating physics and load weights that real architects have to face when designing a structure. Camping was also a time to hone my fort-constructing skills with my sister. Our crowning achievement still stands at Indian Lake, set deep in the woods of an island. It is no more than two walls, a ladder, and a roof thatched on top of a large boulder, but it was our home. As humans, I feel like one of our goals in life is to leave some graffiti  or monument to ourselves, to show that we really did inhabit the earth at one point in time. Architects design buildings that supposedly last forever, so why shouldn’t they be beautiful?

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