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Food Energy Quiz

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Food Energy Quiz

We eat everyday, multiple times a day.  Each time you shop, prepare a meal, store leftovers, you have the opportunity to make choices to use less fossil fuel.  Take this little quiz now and read some of the suggestions in the linked articles.  If your score could improve, change how you do things and come back in a month or two and take it again.  The process of conserving energy in all aspects of your life is a huge gift to the planet and will enrich your daily living.  Conservation of food energy will also improve your health and save you money.

For each question answer with a number 0 to 5, with the following values:
0 – Never
1 – Rarely
2 – Sometimes
3 – Frequently
4 – Almost always
5 – Every time

Total your score and check the chart at the end of the article.  Click on the question for ways to improve your score.

_______  1.   I use all the food I buy before it spoils or goes out of date.

_______  2. I check the country of origin of all the food I buy in the grocery and buy U.S.A. if possible.

_______  3. I buy ingredients and cook from scratch.

_______  4. I take my own bags to buy food and buy in bulk to reduce packaging and shopping trips.

_______  5. I buy produce in season.

_______  6. I dry, store, freeze or can summer produce for use in the winter.

_______  7. I filter my own water or use tap water and make my own beverages.

_______  8. I buy meat from local farmers (5 if you are a vegetarian or vegan)

_______  9. I shop at farmers’ markets and roadside stands.

_______  10. I have reduced my meat and dairy consumption (another 5 for vegetarians)

_______  11. I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

_______  12. I have a vegetable garden and grow much of my own food.

_______  13. I grow my own berries and fruit.

_______  14. I have a compost pile or worm compost bin for all my vegetable and yard waste.

_______  15. I grow my own sprouts and/or micro greens

See how you are doing and then go here for more details and suggestions on how to improve your score.

0 - 20 You have lots of room for improvement
21 - 40 There are still many simple things you can do to conserve
41 - 50 You can increase your consistency in what you are already doing
51 - 60 Your score reflects many good practices 
61 - 75 Thank you for all your efforts.  You are doing great!!

Note: We will automate this in the near future, so you just enter your scores and the calculations are automatic and paperless, but for now please us a good old piece of reused paper!

Comments on "Food Energy Quiz"

  1. Dan Gibson's avatar Dan Gibson May 30, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Great quiz that shows my general need to improve in how we eat and highlights areas for attention. Thank you! Dan

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