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Fresh Spring Veggies

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5 spring veggies

This is an article from the series Tami's Kitchen

Now that it's warmer out we're going to see fresh new local produce and exciting vegetables that have probably been off of your plate for the last few months.

Over the winter, if you are eating seasonally like I am always telling you to do, you probably had a lot of root vegetables and squash for your veggies. They are delicious and rich and filling. Often prepared with slow roasting and sauteing, they lend themselves to oils and richer dishes.
Those are perfect for the winter when you are cold and need a little more fat to keep you warm.  However, as we move into spring, it's a great time to shift into lighter vegetables and methods of preparation.

The easiest way to go about this is to increase your consumption of raw vegetables. Talk about making it easy! So many of our fresh spring vegetables are easy to eat raw. All of those young fresh greens, baby carrots, baby beets, young onions.  Just chop them up, add a little of your favorite seasoning, or just toss with chopped fresh herbs, and enjoy.

If you prefer your vegetables cooked, start using steaming or do a water saute instead of using oil.  When you steam your vegetables, or cook with a water saute, add flavor with herbs and spices.  You'll be surprised how much flavor those little twists can add to an already delicious vegetable.

Start experimenting with some new cooking, or non- cooking methods this week and take note of any differences you feel.  Try some new vegetables. Have a taste testing party with your family.  Make it fun.  As always, don't forget to make your kitchen a fun and functional environment too! Put on some good music. Dance with your broom.  Open the windows.  Have fun in there.


Tamara Flanders is a Holistic Health Counselor and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Her health coaching practice, Your Body Awake, is located in Rexford, NY.  Learn more at her website http://www.yourbodyawake.com



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