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Support Our Local Farmers, Support the Farm Bill

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Food & Water Watch, a national consumer advocacy group, has launched a campaign for a better food system and a Fair Farm Bill in Albany. We are facing serious problems with our food system. Increased consolidation has given more power to a few corporations, who risk public health and the environment for the sake of profit.

[Editor’s Note: No matter what your politics, especially if you have kids, Food is Really, Really Important!]

Farmers who’ve farmed for generations are being forced to sell their farms or are struggling to compete against the big agribusinesses that have come to dominate the food system. But consumers deserve safe and sustainable food, and farmers deserve a fair price and a transparent, competitive system.

This is not the way our food system has always been, and it is not the way it has to be.Poster

Sign our online petition to support a better food system!

Food & Water Watch’s Fair Farm Bill campaign is working to level the playing field to support small and mid-sized farmers so they can thrive for generations to come. The Farm Bill, the most important piece of national legislation that determines how food reaches our plates, is up for review.

This happens every five years, and because New York’s US Senator Gillibrand is on the agriculture committee, she’s making decisions right now about what protections the bill will include for small farmers, consumers, and the environment.

All New Yorkers have a stake in this issue. Our ongoing campaign is showing Senator Gillibrand that across the state, New Yorkers want to see new policies to increase competition in the food system so that small farmers can compete.

You can get involved with our campaign. As a constituent of Senator Gillibrand, you can show her that you want her to be a leader on this issue and a voice for change. We can create a healthy food system for everyone.

Sign/spread the online petition!

Join our facebook group:

Learn more about the Farm Bill !

If you have questions or want to get involved, contact Mara Schechter at


Mara Schechter is currently a field organizer with Food & Water Watch, and has worked on Food & Water Watch's Fair Farm Bill campaign in Binghamton, NY and the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. She is part of the field school for environmental organizing, Green Corps, and graduated from Georgetown in May 2011. 

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