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Tami’s Kitchen - September

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Well that's just... peachy!
Summer time is fruit time! There's a farmer at the end of my road selling fresh peaches right now and I'm going to run down and get some as soon as I am done writing this.  I can't wait.  Talk about fresh fruit at your fingertips. The only thing better would be a peach tree in my yard. 

For those of you who suffer from sugar addiction, try packing some fruit into your day.  Cook with fruit, munch on it raw, load it in.  You might find that you crave those cookies and cakes a bit less with all of the sweet treats that are in season right now!

Also, munching on peaches will give you a nice dose of vitamins C and A, and a good serving of fiber.

Read on for some ideas of what to do with your peaches!

Banana peach ice cream Have a summer ice cream habit? Try this for your treat instead!

2 bananas, peeled chopped and frozen.
2 peaches, peeled chopped and frozen
splash of milk of choice (can use non-dairy milk)
Dash of cinnamon

Put banana and peach in a blender or food processor with a splash of milk.  Add more or less milk to meet your desired thickness or your ice cream. Toss in a little bit of cinnamon and whirl it around.

Eat right there as soft ice cream, or re-freeze for a few for harder ice cream!

Blueberry peach salad dressing, marinade, topping, all purpose stuff!

3 tbsp honey or raw sugar
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
2c blueberries
2 c sliced peaches or nectarines
pinch black pepper

Put honey, vinegar, and half of your fruit in a pot and bring to a boil.  Reduce to simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently.  Add in rest of fruit.  Cook another 2 minutes. Remove from heat.  Allow to cool and thicken.

Cut with more vinegar, if you like, for a tangy sweet salad dressing.
Pour over the peach banana ice cream listed above.
Marinate stuff in it and put it on the grill. 
Eat it with a spoon...


What's for breakfast?

Those cool mornings are going to start coming in, and I love them! My house favorite breakfast on those cool risings is crock pot oatmeal.  Which means I have to remember to set it up at night before I fall asleep.  It's worth it.  The smell of oatmeal fills the house through the night and everyone wakes up happy. Even the cats.

How do you make this? It's really easy. 



1 slow cooker/crock pot
3-4 c steel cut oats
7-8 c liquid. (I recommend 1/2 milk of choice- non-dairy is fine- and 1/2 water)
seasonings of choice
dash of vanilla extract
dash of almond extract
dry ginger powder
dry cranberries
Then cook it on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.

Then top it with:
REAL maple syrup
raw honey

Or anything else that sounds good to you!

*Tip* put a little bit of butter or oil or non-stick cooking spray in your crockpot before you cook this, or you could end up scrubbing for a while...

Tamara Flanders
Holistic Health Counselor


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