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CDTN June Meeting Notes

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Capital District Transition Network is a joint meeting and collaboration of Transition Albany (TA), Transition Troy (TT), and Transition Schenectady (TS). The Transition Towns are committed groups of individuals working to bring the Transition Town model to the Capital District. The Transition idea is to prepare for the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change by building community and local resilience. The joint group meets quartely; this meeting was held Monday June 18th; the next meeting is scheduled for September 18th.

Participating: Joe Torreggiani, Glen Culbertson (Transition Troy), Ryan Rose, Don Cazer,  Terrence Rusch, Lauren Alpert (Car Share), Dave Hochfelder, Richard Morell, Tina Cochrane, Frank Sullivan, Ruth Ann Smalley, Rebekah Rice, Sandy Steubing - scribe

We opened with introductions.  Don Cazer, Lauren Alpert, and Don Cazer attended our meeting for the first time. Welcome !   

Next we read the May minutes.  The update on the FUUSA solar panels is that FUUSA itself is going ahead with the project and wishes to keep the organization of such inhouse.  We talked about the possibility of crowd sourcing and carrot mobbing for the new Honest Weight building to install solar panels.  The building that Honest Weight bought needs to be torn down so there is an opportunity for them to build a building with a suitable roof.

I reported from the Age of Limits conference which was mostly about economic collapse; why it’s inevitable, what it might look like, and how to recognize the signs that it’s coming.  The major point is that Transition and other green groups are doing wonderful things but it would be prudent to stockpile food, water purification, batteries, medical supplies etc. for a time when our just in time global delivery system breaks down.  I encourage people to get prepared rather than depressed.  Think of it as insurance.  If you want more info, contact me at

Glen gave us the report from Transition Troy which was composting, composting, composting (with a little movie on the side.)  It was exciting to hear that there is a Composting Working Group that was endorsed by Troy’s City Council which members of TT will play a role.  Glen described a Troy Bike Rescue plan to haul compost through the city on bikes.

Unfortunately, no members of Transition Schenectady were present.  I invite you to put Tuesday, Sep. 18th on your calendar b/c the rest of us would LOVE to see you and hear what you are up to.

Terrence read aloud his letter regarding the Livingston Ave. Bridge project which endorses a pedestrian and bike pathway for the new bridge.  We gave him a hearty applause with thumbs up for it being signed by Transition Albany.  Glen also endorsed it on behalf of Transition Troy but I (Sandy) expressed a desire for consensus approval by TT so Glen will take it back to TT for review.  Dave will offer some edits to the letter and we should be able to send it out within the month.

Lauren described and circulated a print out of the Car Share program which we enthusiastically endorsed.  Car Share programs have been implemented in Buffalo and other NY cities in association with NYSERDA and their local public transportation authority.  You can reach Lauren for more info at

Sandy described what she has been doing to promote the Crisis of Civilization movie that TA will show at the main branch of the public library on the evening of July 10th.  We will split up the time between movie and discussion.  Our objective is to reach people who are as yet uninvolved in any green issue.  Please come and bring a friend.  You sign up to attend by going to our meet up site at  I also encourage everyone to join our MeetUp group even if you can’t attend the movie.  It will help us grow the organization.  Thanks.

We ended the evening with a discussion of more movie venues and showings.  The consensus was that a college venue like Saint Rose or UAlbany would be ideal for an early fall moving showing.  Joe will reach out to Saint Rose and Dave will see what’s available at UAlbany.  Maybe we can do both?  Some movie suggestions were Inside Job, The Story of Stuff, The Economics of Happiness, Transition 2.0, I am, Dirt.  Rebekah suggested we just show a movie to our neighbors.  If anyone would like to do this, let me know and I’ll help you out.

Ryan hosts a radio show called Change Makers at Siena and offered to interview anyone from Transition on his program.  Contact Ryan at if interested.  He put up more info on our MeetUp site.

We thought that during our July or August meeting we could look at a calendar for next school year to see what public events we’d like to table at like the Tulip Festival, Lark Street Fair or Honest Weight’s fair.  

Terrence will facilitate the July meeting.  Sandy will assist.

It was a good and productive meeting.

smiley Sandy

Sandy Steubing is CDTN scribe. She can be reached by commenting on this blog or by email at Information on the Transition Towns can be obtained from: Dave Hochfelder for Albany; Emily Rossier for Troy; and Michael Cellini for Schenectady.

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