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Neighborhood Composting

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Transition Town projects help communities prepare for and adapt to the revolutionary change from oil dependency to local resilience. Transition is not a particular program, but a process for a community to dialogue, decide, and act.



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Sunday afternoon, two dozen people converged at the Oakwood Community Center to construct a new community compost site. They arranged bare limbs on an approximately 5 foot square of lawn.

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They then added limbs with leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds and other kitchen scraps, and wood chips, in layer after layer until a 4 foot high pile of organic matter became a starter compost pile for the Hillside North neighborhood.



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Working with Howard Traite, local gardener and compost guru, participants learned about balancing nitrogen- and carbon-based materials, moisture and heat, aeration, and some of the many benefits of compost like building soil.


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