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Transition Albany - 9/18 Meeting Notes

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Participating: Lynn Dennis, Dave Hochfelder (facilitator), Renee Panetta, Terrence Rusch, David Barnard, Ryan Rose (who brought the snacks smile and Sandy Steubing (scribe)

Dave opened the meeting with introductions and the reading of Sep. minutes

Ryan shared some of his experiences from the Woodstock Transition Training.  He also said b/c of his new job (congratulations, Ryan!) he could no longer head up our Transition TV working group.  There are people like myself who are willing to be in this group but we need a group leader who has some background in taping and/or producing shows.  Please let us know if you’d be willing to head up this group.

We spent the majority of the meeting talking about what it means to be a Transition Town and how we are going to apply it to an entity that’s as large as Albany.  There are some things like the Heinberg event that went well and we’ve done a number of outreach/educational events.  But most of our recent efforts and meetings have not been well attended.  (For anyone who has not been active, we are receptive to your input and needs so by all means write to me with your ideas.)

The major aspects of a Transition Town are:

  1. A mission statement of core principles and purpose
  2. An Initiating Group
  3. Interdependence with other local groups - frequently shown on a map
  4. Openness to feedback and learning
  5. Outreach and education 
  6. At least one on-going project
  7. Training in Transition concepts

Most of us felt frustrated about our lack of focus so at our next meeting on Tues., Nov 20th we will brainstorm an ongoing local project to work on. 

Ban Stryofoam Ordinance:  Finally, a shout out to one and all to come to the Albany Common Council's meeting on Nov. 5th at 7P at City Hall on Eagle St.  A city wide ban on styrofoam will be discussed and I can guarantee that it won't be passed without significant public support.


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