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Student Reporter: Brian Pfeil

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Currently, I am a senior in high school, and a student at TEC-Smart (Training and Education Center for Semi-conductor and Alternative Renewable Technologies). At TEC-Smart I've had the privilege to learn about different topics in environmental studies (ex: watersheds, new urbanism, renewable energy sources, etc.)  

After high school I plan to go to college for mechanical engineering, and look into courses that focus on renewable energy sources. It would be of great interest for me to learn or try and figure out how to make engines more energy efficient. Global warming is a threat I take seriously, but is something I believe humans can impede if we focus on using cleaner technologies.

My concern for the environment began when I was in third grade and was assigned to write a letter about global warming. However, the letter wasn't to my parents or principal, it was to the President of the United States. In my letter I talked about global warming killing off all of the penguins and polar bears in Antarctica... because in third grade those were the only two species I knew of that were being affected by greenhouse gasses. Fortunately, George W. Bush wrote back to me, and provided a picture of the White House, and of his two dogs. Although my letter probably didn't influence the White House to make any changes toward the environment, it caused me to feel like I could make a difference in the world.

Along with having the desire to make a difference, I've always been interested in coming up with new ideas. In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci would sometimes inspire me to do so, whenever I would see a sketch of one of his inventions.

In my blogs I plan to brainstorm and share different ideas on how humans can create electricity without depending on a non-renewable energy source. Preferably, I would like to discuss potential energy sources that are often ignored by the average person. However, other ideas for blogs might pop up, that I might want to write about.

Brian Pfeil can be reached publically by commenting to this blog or privately through member email.

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