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Transition Schenectady 1-26-13 Meeting Notes

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Schenectady Transition Meeting - 1 - 26 - 13  Vale Office


Present - Peter, Jeff, Rennie, Donna, Sue, Connie, Oksana, Terri

Peter - Chair / Terri - Notetaker / Oksana - Timekeeper 



1. Jeff - Recycling - 20 min.

2. Rennie - What is transition? 15 min.

3. transition Saugerties - 2 min.

4. Peter - Tarsands 350 bus

5. Announcements - 5 min.


What Is Transition?

Had PR Mtg - decided we needed broader group to determine

Albany group came up with 7 Principles

1. Positive

2. Good Information

3. Realizing information changes

4. Trusting people to process

5. Inclusion and openness

6. Sharing what works

7. Building resilience within

8. Recognizing there is an inner and outer transition - for some, emotional, grieving - some spiritual - going from more energy to less usage

9. Decentralizing power - looking at things from a grassroots level - people that are in group have to figure it out - not relying on outsiders coming in

10. Self-organization - believe in open and flexible decision making - like permaculture - interactive sustainable balance


Need to reach out to community - political action, advocacy, involvement in like-minded actions


Transition means -

Donna - living simply - DIY - grow food, burn wood, use solar power, take the bus

Terri - intentional living, healthy choices, independent thinking, preserving planet for the future


More self-reliance and independence within the group


Living sustainably and working to create a sustainable future


1. Recycling - Jeff Edwards - Schdy planner in Economic Development Dept

In professional community the word now is diversion - instead of reduce, reuse, recycle - reduction is still the best step to take

Call to - site for company that coordinates rechargeable batteries collections

$2 million - waste for Schdy

$200 - home taxes

handed out brochures


Rennie - likes rotating facilitators

Oksana likes timekeeping

Jeff - works with consensus - don't need blocking

Donna - attendance not consistent - people come and go - 1/2 steady 1/2 come and go

Jeff - we should have a procedure person who monitors the rules, assists facilitator, makes sure meetings are run as agreed


Facilitators should review last meetings minutes - can you report on your follow up


Saugerties training - Pete and Rennie went - core group - min of 7, max of 12, ideal being 9 

People working their strengths - shouldn't be forced to do what is uncomfortable for them

Set up a format for the task

Each transition group can make their own ....

Core Group - makes decisions, house rules, taking input from smaller groups - supporting group outside of that can input and take action within sub-group

Supporting members can't make decisions or rules

Observers - outside groups - each person self-selects

Certain house rules - acceptable/not acceptable - list for everyone - respect


Work group reports - short and sweet 

Garden Group - 7 people - ordered seeds - $64 - no potatoes - Rebecca Rice - bill will come in, then seeds. 

$40 in bank -

Gary and Rennie will work on irrigation plan

Sarah volunteering to work with SHS

Bernie gave a waiver for cemetery

Met with Cornell Cooperative to use greenhouse, possibly start seeds

Sue will get started on when seeds should get started


PR meeting - 7 people - Went over 7 principles - same agreement - needed rest of group to agree on how to present Transition Schdy

multiple week series - too late for upcoming semester - maybe spring semester - work with group and local authorities 

before City Council, come up with a logo, introduction to community groups


Set format for taking notes - Jeff can bring in format - minutes format - discuss, decision, follow up

Agenda at beginning of meeting - review past meeting, approve minutes, old business, ie, work group reports, new business



Jeff Edwards - Master composting/recycling wkshp from Cornell Cooperative

Peter - $55 for seat on bus to Washington for Tarsands rally

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