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Plan Your Solar & Green Building Tour

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There are many reasons to visit homes on the Solar & Green Building Tour, but two of the reasons most often given are to get an idea about what can be done and to learn some of the details about how to do it. Or, perhaps you just want to  meet your solar neighbors!

Whatever your reason, plan your tour, learn and enjoy solar and sustainability here in the Capital Region.

One approach is to view the listing and "more details" on www.OEIC.us/Tour   to find the one or two houses you'd like most to visit. 

Next, go to the "enlarged map with index" and click the Name/details of the sites you'd like to visit. They will be highlighted on the map. Note their addresses or use Google Maps to make your own tour map (My Places).

Then pick other houses or businesses in the area where you are going to or on the way or on the way back. Four or five is probably a good target number for the day, but some do more. 

Have a Sunny Day, no matter what the weather!



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