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Reinventing Fire

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Reinventing fire

Reinventing Fire is a book written by Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute. It is a “thinking big” plan, from macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives on how we can eliminate the use of fossil fuels and drive the process by profit.

From www.RMI.org

“At Rocky Mountain Institute we are practitioners, not theorists. We do solutions, not problems. We do transformation, not incrementalism.”
–Amory Lovins, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist


“Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. Cofounded in 1982 by Amory Lovins, who remains its active thought leader, chairman, and chief scientist, the Colorado-based organization now has approximately 90 full-time staff, an annual budget of nearly $15 million and a global reach.

RMI’s efforts take three main forms: transforming design, busting barriers and spreading innovation. RMI emphasizes strategic influence—changing the mindset of the people who make the rules—and “institutional acupuncture” to get blocked business logic flowing.

Built on Rocky Mountain Institute’s 30 years of research and work in the field, Reinventing Fire maps pathways for running a 158%-bigger U.S. economy in 2050 but needing no oil, no coal, and no nuclear energy.”


Here is an excellent review/commentary by Craig Comstock of Huff Post Green.

Here is a 20 minute  video lecture by Amory Lovins

The book, “Reinventing Fire” is available directly from Rocky Mountain Institute online through Amazon and at many other sources, such as The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany and Market Block Books in Troy.

Comments on "Reinventing Fire"

  1. OEIC default avatar David Hauber December 15, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    This is very interesting.  He contends that we can reduce consumption AND improve the economy.  This make sense to me, if we invest in energy infrastructure we could reduce the amount we spend on foreign oil.  This is what other countries are doing.  When will we wake up?

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