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Richard Heinberg Spoke!

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Richard heinberg photo - larger

I read the book and looked forward to this evening for three months. Not so much for the content but to see if even a nationally acclaimed author/speaker and a lot of work spreading the word could generate local interest in this important but unpopular topic (summary of by Richard Alben of CREF). A lot of outreach later and Richard Heinberg in his unassuming way delivered. As a matter of fact, the evening exceeded my hopes and expectations, but mainly because the seats were filled and the people were listening! Filled with young and old alike. I would have loved to see more young people, but let's not quibble -- they will come around!

Most uplifting was Richard's slide about what we can do without growth:

  • Community
  • Satisfaction for Honest Work, Well Done
  • Intergenerational Solidarity
  • Cooperation
  • Health of Environment
  • Happiness
  • Artistry
  • Beauty of Built Environment

There is a lot to appreciate and it doesn't cost a penny!

I found most shocking a new chart of GDP per Capita (see slide below) that showed steady, modest output for 1800 years and then in the last 200 years, with the industrial revolution and oil, a twenty-fold explosion. GDP is the total goods and services produced by human effort through out the world, segmented in 200 year periods.

GDP per Capita -- while in the last 200 years population itself was going up exponentially with the surfeit of fossil fuel energy, our production of goods and services requiring energy and many other finite resources went up astronomically! Surely this can't continue...  but more people every day want the material aspects of the "good life." What are we to do?

Rh gdp slide

Most encouraging was Richard's comment that in the wake of their nuclear disaster the Japanese have collectively decided to live without the “extra” energy nuclear power provided. They have reduced their energy use by 25%. We could do this too!

We, the few who are concerned about energy and environment, are the choir; but tonight that choir looked more like the glorious Mormon Tabernacle Choir! We have a lot of work to do, but for once it feels like we are making real progress. Thank you for coming and congratulations to all who worked to make tonight happen!

Richard has provided a copy of his presentation slides. Viewing them is not the same as having been there, but they are great nevertheless. See .pdf in RESOURCES below - not to be used for profit.

Please share your thoughts on Richard Heinberg and his presentation - good, bad or indifferent...


.PDF Document:   Heinberg 3-26 Slides

Comments on "Richard Heinberg Spoke!"

  1. OEIC default avatar Sandy March 30, 2012 at 2:51 am

    I agree with Dan’s review of the evening.  There were even some people there who had not heard of Heinberg prior to the event.  Brian Nearing’s story in the TU also helped get the word out.  If only our government reps realized that we’re at the cusp of a monumental turning in the course of human history

  2. OEIC default avatar MIKEATUPSTATE April 01, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Not to worry. If environmentalists get their way our standard of living will regress to medieval times with what remains of the population huddled around a wood fire for warmth. oh wait, wood pollutes and will be verboten!  NO type of energy is acceptable to the environmentalists except maybe solar power which BTW DOESNT WORK. (those windmills kill birds and the hydro dams kill fish!)
    Fact is: nuclear power is the cleanest and safest energy source on earth and natural gas is a close second.  If the environmentalists were serious about their global warming hoax, they would embrace both these energy sources.
    And another thing: THE IDEA OF NO FUTURE GROWTH IS POSITIVELY INSANE! How did Heinberg get to the event? By ox driven wagon? (oops, they pollute too: read all about the streets of the urban centers before the time of the automobile!

  3. OEIC default avatar MIKEATUPSTATE April 01, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    But Wait, Theres More!

    These are the people who gave us global cooling, global warming, Y2K, mercury filled light bulbs, the Chevy volt, Solyndra, coal fired cars (the Prius), the African malaria plague (thank you Rachel Carson!),the totally ridiculous Ethanol, the EPA Nazis, the PCB scare, acid rain, Al Gore and his 20000 square foot house, bird flu, swine flu, mouse flu, and countless other de bunked schemes to scare the populace and further the enviro-anti-American agenda.  Wake up folks: China and India are the most toxic places on earth, but not a word from our environmentalists who are too busy driving their Chevy Suburbans! Wake up people! There are more trees in this country then when the pilgrims landed, the air and water is clean (open your eyes), our highways are litter free (take a look), and the no country on EARTH has been more responsible as concerns the environment! And the cleaner the environment gets, the more these hyocrites whine!  Have a nice day.

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