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Sustainability 101

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The Energy Problem

A great place to start. This blog is the beginning of both our "The Problem" blog category and our Sustainability 101 course.

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The Problem, Its Causes, Timing and Effects

Knowing why the crash is coming, and that there’s nothing we as individuals can do to avoid it, could motivate us to start doing what we can to protect ourselves.

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Top Ten

 Ideas to Reduce Your Fossil Fuel Use for Food and also Save Money and Improve Your Health! 

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Update: Oil shale and tar sands are two sources that may extend the last chapter of the oil age.

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Peak Oil Redefined

In case you didn't notice, the EIA postponed Peak Oil by changing the definition of "oil" in 2005! Too bad we can't change reality so easily... 

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Deep Energy Retrofit

Extreme measures to dramatically conserve energy allow typical 100 year-old, Upstate NY homes to use very little energy.

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My Energy Plan and Suggestions for Yours!

I've been planning and working to reduce the energy we use for five years. Here is my plan, results and some suggestions to help you get started on yours.

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