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10 Reasons I bike,bus,walk

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1. Frugality
I'm cheap, driving costs spproximately 55cents/mile( 10-20 for gas, the rest for wear and tear on engine,tires,brakes,etc.) The bus costs $1.30 per ride or $4 per day.  Bike maintenance has never cost me $100/year.

2. Health/Exercise

I start off with a 10 minute bike sprint to the bus so I don't miss it.(see also #1 Frugality/Cheap- no gym fee)


Driving is work, I pay myself to drive for my chimney sweeping business. (re#2.Exercise -  I distinguish work from physical exercise.

4.Finite planet

I keep trying to reduce my stressing of the earth's ecosystem.


As a parent, I prioritize my daughter's future higher than mine and I'm trying to minimize the mess we leave her and future generations.

6.Cognitive dissonance

As a recoving psychology major, that's the phrase I remember for the discomfort of doing something that doesn't gell with what you think should be done.


There are numerous indications that gas and oil are involved somehow in our wars in the middle east and I don't want to encourage that.


I like to help create and support the new low energy world being built under the collapsing fossil fuel world.  Also why I like to live and eat local.


Related to #8, I boycott actions and institutions that I feel are negative/counter productive. I try to redirect most of my energies towards actions and institutions that are more sane, that create the new ecological future-Girlcott.


I enjoy biking, busing and walking more than driving.

In particular, I would like to thank Jim Merkel(author of Radical Simplicity) and the 20 something kid from Niskayuna who wrote"Getting around the capital district without a car" who both exuded a palpable joy that I found contagious.


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