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Sustainability in the Suburbs


Built with the sun in mind, this house cut its electric bill to $35 from $150 by installing PV! 

Our Success Story by Jim Clauson

To reduce the work of wood and protect against fossil fuel price increases, Homeowner invests in Geothermal and Solar Electric.

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What is a Whole House Energy Audit?

Ron gives an insider's view of what is involved when they take a look at your house.

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100% Solar Home: Solar Access

Here is how to be sure you will have the sun you need for that solar home or addition.

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100% Solar Home - Energy Analysis

Can the sun provide enough energy to heat our house?

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Solar Concept - Entrance

Thinking about your entrance has as much to do with comfort and convenience as energy.

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Solar Concept: Active Area

Here is a solar concept that improves comfort and reduces cost!

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Solar Concept: Location of Spaces

After shape, we were able to locate our spaces, always keeping the sun in mind!

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Solar Concept: Area, Volume & Shape

The first concept I considered was the overall shape and how that effected heat loss.

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Solar Home: Design Philosophy

Here are some of the philosophies I used to help me think differently when designing our home.

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100% Solar Home: First Impressions

Here are some of my first impressions about the sun, comfort and energy requirements.

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How Much Hot Water?

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. What if you have no idea?

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Center for Applied Building Science

A new initiative in Troy, NY to learn and teach how to build homes that use less energy.

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DIY or Not: Stove Pipe Air Sealing

Here is a safe way to seal the pesky and leaky gap around stove pipe.

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Solar Dome Home

Collection of triangles has solar and manufacturing advantage!

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Suburban Home Going Green

Insulation upgrades, geothermal heat pump, low VOC paints, and many gardening projects make this house greener than ever.

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PV, Hybrid Water Heater and Wood Stove

Tim substitutes local fire wood, a little labor and technology for a lot of oil.

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Making an Older Home Energy Efficient

You don't have to build a new house to be energy efficient. Here is what we did!

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Sustainable Living is a State of Mind

Long-time off-grid, homesteader and philosopher shares his thoughts and home on Solar Tour.

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Introducing SIPs and the company, BuildGreen SIPs

Learn about the advantages of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and our local manufacturer.

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Making green choices means healthy, eduring and sustainable - not expensive.

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The Not So Magical Geothermal Heat Pumps

Some think it is magic, but it’s not. Take a glance into the Process and History of this marvelous invention.

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Calculate and Measure R-Values

Engineer shows how to measure wall's actual R-value based on inside/outside temperatures. Very interesting!

Buying a House? Energy Matters!

Add energy to your check list when buying a home and you may save thousands of dollars on your next purchase.

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LED Lighting is Here

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are the most energy efficient way to produce light at home or office.

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I Wish Houses Like This Wouldn’t Make the News

We should publicize homes that people and builders should dream of and strive for, not this. 

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Yes a Comfortable Home! But at What Cost?

For almost everyone it can cost less to be just as comfortable. A home energy audit will show the opportunities.

Choices, Choices, Choices

The materials you choose for your new home can made a huge difference for years to come.  Some good ideas and why.

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Tina Clarke on Transition and Positive Energy Home

Tina Clarke introduces Transition Town and discusses building her Net Zero Home-Power home to nearly 100 in Greenwich.

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Zero Energy Power-House

Creating Your Path to Energy Independence and a Resilient Lifestyle. An informative presentation by Tina Clarke. 11/16/11 Greenwich, NY.

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Electric Heat?

I'm often asked about the practicality of electric space heaters. Surprisingly they do have a place - a small place in our heating strategy!

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Thinking Inside a Box

Read how high thermal mass can reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort

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Seven Mistakes that Cost Comfort!

The seven mistakes that make your home feel less than wonderful and what you can do about it.

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The Hudson Passive Project and Dennis Wedlick, Architect

Who said energy conser-vation was frumpy and boring? The Hudson Passive Project is a thing of beauty. Its architect is committed to a better way.

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Goodbye Gutter Glacier

Do you remember the gigantic glacier like ice dams we had last winter? Well, now is the time to prevent them coming back.

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Consumers Guide to High Performance Boilers

Choosing the right boiler for your home or business can be confusing.  Every heating contractor you talk to will tell you theirs is the best. So, who do you believe?