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Membership Drive!

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The Capital Region has long had small groups of individuals who are aware that declining energy availability will be a disruptive problem to all of us in the not too distant future, as it is already for those in the Middle East and Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, and for those unable to pay for heat or electric.

Unfortunately, it takes more time and energy (gasoline in this case) to meet and work together on meaningful projects than many can now manage. 

The idea behind our Community is to enable we who are aware (existing groups - the choir) to get together, to develop & share information, to begin to make improvements, and to form and grow local groups (neighborhoods - large and small), all without using a lot of gasoline and at a time and place of our choosing (on the internet through this Community). And, to encourage those just becoming aware to get involved, without great effort or initial commitment, sooner rather than later.

The idea is to provide a mechanism to engage, educate and motivate individuals to improve their personal situation and then become involved in area group activities. To provide a mechanism that facilitates communication across the region and can publicize and support region-wide initiatives. This Community is primarily a communication tool, but with a sufficient base, it will be a very effective tool to connect the region in an interactive and positive way, as we work to reduce our dependence on oil. 

This is just a beginning, but we must begin somewhere!

We need 1000 members to gain some traction; anything less will just make us another small group and leave us unable to connect with "the Region" in a meaningful way.

I believe this Community can contribute to developing the level of awareness and support that will be necessary to make the kind of changes required. I would appreciate your help in making this happen. Here are some ways we can work together:Oeic bannerstand

  1. Ask your family, friends, neighbors and contacts to join our Community – it is free and very convenient! Use our Member sample letter as a starting point to mail an invitation along with a copy of our Community Intro – see Resources below.
  2. Suggest groups I can meet with in person to introduce to our Community and answer questions. Send group names and contact information, so I can setup a visit, to DanG@OEIC.us.
  3. Become a blogger – this can be a one time effort to share your experience on how you save energy (home, transportation, or food) or become part of a blog team and post regularly. We also need subject experts, writers, reporters, organizers, and coordinators. Email: Blog@OEIC.us
  4. Help find bloggers and other contributors. We need people who understand the problem and have some expertise or experience to share. For someone you feel might want to be a contributor, send a version of our Blogger sample letter and a copy of Bloggers Wanted – see Resources below.
  5. Suggest ideas on how to improve our Community, recruit members, help people save energy, or any other ideas you think might help. Submit suggestions through our Suggestion form.

Thank you for any help you can provide. I’m confident that together we will make a difference!

Dan Gibson
Reporter and Chief Coordinator


PDF document:   Community Intro

PDF document:   Bloggers Wanted

PDF document:   Member sample letter

PDF document :   Blogger sample letter