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Search for Local Food


Currently we are just getting started on this important project and need your help!

If you are a local food source or know of one, please send business name, street address, mailing address and phone number. Also indicate which of the categories below best apply.

     • Farms and CSAs
     • Orchards & Vineyards
     • Farmers Markets & Co-ops
     • Nurseries & Garden Centers
     • Local Food Processors
     • Local Food Stores
     • Local Food Restaurants

The first four categories are obvious. The last three defy a clear cut definition. At this time we are trying to identify those business that place a priority on local food, so if a processor uses a number of key local ingredients - that's good. If a food store or restaurant makes an effort to source food locally and when they have local food promotes it, that is good too.

To keep the maps cleaner, we are not including national brands like Home Depot, Walmart and others who sell some local products and gardening supplies. They have enough of an advertising budget for themselves.  

When using the maps, please observe the business' public access policy. If the pin is still blue, you should call and ask what their policy is before traveling to their site.

If you have any questions, please contact: Website Support

Thank you for your help!

      Access Local Food Maps by clicking this graphic in upper right corner of Home page!