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Radioactive Wastewater from Fracking Operation

US Becomes #1 Wood Pellet Exporter

The craziness just doesn't stop!

Why Is Vladimir Putin Acting So Crazy?

Bloomberg Businessweek

Why the U.S. Power Grid’s Days Are Numbered

Bloomberg Businessweek

World’s 10 Most Flood-Threatened Cities

Troy, NY is not among them, but NYC (#8) is and Boston (#17) is not much better off.

Abandoned Mines Could be Renewable Opportunity

$60 Trillion Artic Time Bomb

Many other issues pale in comparison.

Two Small PA Water Studies Inconclusive

Alex Laskey: How behavioral science can lower your energy bill

8 Min. Video: Learn how for every kWh we don't use, we save 9 kWh of coal from being burned!

Terracide and the Terrarists

A compelling message.

Ready for Rationing? We Should Put the Brakes on Consumption if We Want to Survive.

DOE Considers Export of LNG - But Who Will Benefit?

Lack of knowledge is another reason NYS should wait - here are some examples.

Biofuels - Boondoggle Now? Future Promise?

Food versus Fuel by Frank Rosillo-Calle is an excellent book introducing both sides of this debate.

Arab Countries Openly Discuss Peak Oil for the First Time

Mu Thermal Camera - a smart phone ap!

Talk about $0.99 aps that are a waste of money. Here is a potential $325 ap that could save you $1000s!

How Resource Limits Lead to Financial Collapse

Gail Tverberg, Actuary, on her blog, "Our Finite World."

No April Fool’s Joke - Kansas Threatens to Outlaw Sustainability

Posted by Alex Wilson on his site BuildingGreen.com

Fixing the Future

Inspiring 57 min. PBS documentary on the new economy.

Smart Power

How we can use less elecctricity

Victory at Hand for the Climate Movement?

Optimisim with reasons by Paul Gilding

Life After Oil & Gas

How much do we really NEED?

Can New York State Power its Way to a Sustainable Future?

Warmer climate to open new Arctic shipping routes by 2050: study

Natural Gas May NOT Help When Replacing Coal!

Should US Export Natural Gas?

Currently there are restrictions. Why not wait to see just how much we have?

Co-ops & Other Businesses Cooperate for Greater Success

The Cooperative Way to a Stronger Economy

China Uses Nearly as Much Coal as the Rest of the World

DOE Seeks Ways to Higher MPG

To Offer $50 Million Toward Research Projects

Major World Projects Amount to CARBON BOMB!

China Invests in Thorium Research & Development

Net Zero Adirondack Home

Sponsor Marty DeVit Provides Geothermal Heating System

NY State SREC Update

Larry Burks of Up Hill House weighs in on SREC legislation.

WSJ Letter: ‘Climate Consensus’ Data Need a More Careful Look

Gasoline to power 90% of Transportation in 2040

Yes BUT, how much will you drive when it costs $10+ a Gallon?

Risks of Gas Drilling?

Video by John Fox - 18 minutes

Top 10 Ways to Slow Global Warming

Climate Change Is Simple

15 minute update by TEDx - David Roberts

Times Union: Charging station plan gets a jolt

Plugin Stations Online helps with roll-out.

CO2 Hits 400 ppm in Artic


Times Union: On the Trail of a Positive Energy Home

Great article on Carl McDaniel's Trail Magic

Let’s Be Less Productive

Here is some food for thought...

Energy Wars Heat Up

Michael Klare, author of 'The Race for What's Left'

‘Geopolitical Risks’ Keep Oil Expensive, but Plentiful

Review on Pollan’s new Food Rules

Frank W. Barrie of Know Where Your Food Comes From

Join together to make Albany green

Mayor Jenning's Challenge!

The Economist: The economic impact of high oil prices

Is serious talk of Peak Oil far behind?

U.S. oil production is up, so why are gas prices so high?

Nasa scientist, Jim Hansen: climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery

USGS: Recent Earthquakes ‘Almost Certainly Manmade’

Times Union: Peek at Peak Oil

Times Union: CNG vehicles in Capital Region

Member Joe Darling Interviewed

As gas prices rise, no relief in sight at pump

Tap oil reserve to pop speculative bubble: lawmakers

Is this a good idea???

Inventing the Energy Future: Bill Gates and DOE’s Steven Chu Have a Plan

Windmills vs. Birds

Farm Bill: Better Food Starts Here

Food is Really, Really Important

Judge Sides With Monsanto, Ridicules Farmers’ Rights

Food is Really, Really Important!

Estimates Clash for How Much Natural Gas in the U.S

National Geographic Daily News

Scientific America’s Tour of the U.S.‘s Clean Energy Future

Technology isn't the whole answer, but it will be part.

Shorter Pipeline Route Proposed to Keep Oil in US

This would create more jobs and not send oil abroad.

Obama: An All-Of-The-Above Approach to American Energy

Obama focuses on energy in weekly message

U.S. Suffers Without Long-Term Energy Policy

Of Coal Stoves and Viscious Circles - by Sharon Astyk

Lower Electric Use Proof of Greater U.S. Depression?

Perhaps Hienberg will comment on this, as another sign?

How Distributed Solar Can Reduce Electricity Prices

Glens Falls Co-op to Support Local Food Needs Members

Membership drive to raise needed start-up funds.

Has Petroleum Production Peaked, Ending the Era of Easy Oil?

A Fair and Balanced Update on Peak Oil

Obama Unveils Energy Plans

Obama endorses natural gas for transportation

Exploiting the full potential of energy efficiency

Energy Conservation gaining public policy attention around the world

The peak oil crisis: cold fusion update

Recent activity is interesting, but is it possible?

Adirondack Climate Change and Temperature

Tom Kalinowski reflects on Nature Conservancy report and 40 years of Adirondack life

Heavy Lobbying Before Keystone Oil Pipeline Decision

First Time US Invests More in Green Than China Since 2008

Landfills Are A Big Energy Opportunity

Local solar expert, Peter Skinner, is published in HomePower Magazine

Local solar hot water expert shares interesting details of Martha Vineyard Install.

Keystone Oil Pipeline Deadline Puts Obama In A Pinch

German Solar Output Increases by 60% in 2011

Germany has less sunshine than Capital Region!

Does Hydrofracking Cause Seismic Activity?

4 Ohio fluid-injection wells ordered not to open in wake of quake - Investigation pending

World pays Ecuador not to extract oil from rainforest

Environment vs. Economy: A step in the right direction!

Pictures: Most Hopeful Energy Developments of 2011

National Geographic

Can We Change to a ‘Degrowth’ Economy?

Some believe we can. In 1970s Herman Daly started working on more sustainable economic plans.

Top 10 Clean Energy Stories of 2011

Ireland plots path to a sustainable energy future