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Help Wanted

Currently we have over 20 volunteers helping to develop content and answer questions. This group is spread all over the Capital Region, which was one of the reasons for this website. We want to help, but we are all busy.

So, our plan is to have 10 blog teams with 3-6 members each - each member posts as often as his or her schedule permits. This lets you share your expetise or experience, without over taxing your schedule. Or, just blog once - tell your story!

We also need Reporters and someone to coordinate them. One or two reporters in each of the counties of the greater Capital Region to identify local news regarding how we can save energy at home, traveling or using more local food. We also need to report related events for our calendar.

We need schools that want to share what their middle and high school students are learning about environmental and energy concepts and practice. Students can share individually or by group what they are planning, learning and doing with other students in Kids' Korner.

If you are interested, we can use your help - subject experts, writers, reporters, students, organizers, and coordinators.

For more details, get our Bloggers Wanted, Reporters Wanted and/or Green Schools Wanted .pdfs below and send to a friend you think might be interested. Contact us if you have any questions by email.


PDF documennt:   Bloggers Wanted


PDF document:   Reporters Wanted


PDF document:   Green Schools Wanted