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Are You Trapped by High Gas Prices?

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There is a story in today’s Times Union (originally form USA Today) that Americans are trapped.  We spent $100B more on gas this year than last.

We spent $490B this year, we will spend MUCH more next year and we can’t do anything about it.  This is a sad state of affairs.  In the past America did amazing things to overcome challenges.  In the 70s we conserved energy and brought OPEC to its knees.  Now, it seems, we have no choice but to keep sending our money to terrorists.

Is the Heritage foundation right, mass transit is a bad idea and the only solution is cheaper gas?  Are we really too stupid to conserve energy?

I’ve started a topic on Energy Conservation in The Problem Forum – please join in the conversation!

Americans spend about 1/3 of our energy $ on transportation and about 25% on residential.  These are the areas where individuals like you and I can make an impact.  Over 60% of our tansportation $ go to gasoline.  This is almost all us driving our cars.  We spent $100B more this year than last year on gasoline.  We will spend even more next year.

Is this our future?  Do we want to continue spending more each year supporting OPEC?

We need to start doing things differently. I’ve started a topic on Transportation Costs Are Rising in the Transportation Forum – please join in the conversation!