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Rain Barrel Sale


                                                 Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District

Helping Residents and Communities Go Greener

The Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District would like to encourage the residents of Albany County and surrounding areas to apply a simple backyard conservation practice to their homes in an effort to prevent soil erosion and to promote infiltration of rainwater into the soil profile. By purchasing and installing a rain barrel you can collect and store rainwater from your roof that would otherwise be diverted into storm drains and streams. A one inch rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof will yield over 620 gallons of water. By keeping this storm water from running off of your property, you are helping to keep the local waterways cleaner and healthier. Stormwater can carry anything that may be on your lawn, including fertilizers, uncovered soil or dog droppings to the storm drain systems and then eventually to the closest stream. Many times it is the volume of stormwater that can damage a stream by eroding the bank and scouring the bottom.

The Conservation District currently has 53 gallon terra cotta colored rain barrels available for $80.00 a piece.  The barrels are made from recycled food grade barrels.   Whether your water needs are for plants, gardens, or general use, each barrel is drilled, screened, and fitted for catching water straight from the downspout of your house, garage, or shed.  These barrels are designed to be used outdoors, with overflow connections, a nylon spigot and a drain plug.  They can also be linked together for additional capacity.  The barrels have screw on lids, and the overflows are designed to fit any standard garden hose to make it easier to redirect the overflow.

For more information on this program and the many other services your County Soil and Water Conservation District offers, call 518-765-7923 or visit www.albanycounty.com/swcd

Albany County Soil & Water Conservation District. Contact Name: Susan Lewis. Phone Number: 518-765-7923. Email: susan.lewis@ny.nacdnet.net